Emergency Lighting & Central Battery Units

Our Emergency Lighting and Central Battery Unit solutions give cost effective peace of mind for your business.

Compliance & Certification 

Safety Checked Ltd. can provide an assessment of your existing emergency lighting system and report on the current suitability of location, light level, coverage and signage.  We can also carry out inspection and testing of the installation wiring if required.

Servicing and Maintenance

Your emergency lighting system is a life-critical system. As well as your routine function checks your emergency lights and/or central battery unit should be regularly maintained by competent persons.

Our comprehensive service plan includes: 

Yearly visit and full rated discharge test

Audit of the monthly test logs

Condition report for each luminaire

For central battery units we also:

Record charge rates

Check function

Check battery/cell condition 

Design and Installation

Working closely with preferred designers and suppliers we can offer a complete design and installation package for your emergency lighting system.  This allows us to provide your business with the most cost effective and suitable system to meet your needs and give unbiased solutions.

Other Services

We can also supply or assist with:

LED lighting upgrades

Battery and lamp replacement


Fault finding

Replacement logbooks

CBU Inverters and batteries

Contact Us

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