Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Electrician Testing

Why Test?

Electrical installations deteriorate over time and require regular inspection and testing to determine if they are still in a safe condition. Commonly referred to as ‘periodic inspection and testing’, once completed you will be issued with an Electrical Installation Condition Report that will detail:

Any circuits and equipment that are overloaded

Potential electric shock and fire hazard

Defective electrical work

Highlight any earthing or bonding issues

The EICR will also provide a schedule of circuits, which may not have been available or changed since the original installation was carried out.

How Often Should Periodic Inspections be carried out?

Inspection and testing should be carried out at the change of (or before the start of) a new tenancy, or before buying/selling a previously owned property.

Regular checks should also be made at 10 years for owner occupied home and 5 years for a rented home.

Reports may also be required when there is a change of use of the premises or works have been carried out.

Homebuyers are also frequently requesting an EICR before purchasing a house, in addition to the standard homebuyers survey.

Why Choose Us?

Our Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) are perfect to help you meet your Periodic Inspection needs.

Based in County Durham we take pride in being a local service company for local businesses.  We are NICEIC Approved Contractors, working to the standards set by BS7671: 2008 (A3:2015), and our quality management policy complies with ISO9001:2015.

NIC EIC Approved Electrician

Our Prices (ex VAT)

A typical home (consisting of up-to 10 circuits) costs £75, and additional circuits are charged at just £6 per circuit.

We also carry a range of spares and replacements, so many issues can be fixed whilst we are on site.  This  saves us a second visit, and you time and money.

All of our condition reports include correct and up-to-date labelling of the installation free of charge.

Book Now

Contact us to book your next EICR, or add your enquiry below:

*Prices +VAT. Geographical restrictions may apply.  Please contact us for further details.



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